Chocolate Therapy

In 2014,  I trained in the art of raw chocolate making, hoping to provide my clients with a natural, healthy, nutrient-dense version of the world’s favourite treat.

I soon realised that, in making chocolates which were such a powerhouse of supernutrients, I was actually providing ‘Chocolate Therapy’!

Who can deny that eating chocolate sometimes feels like the best therapy there is?!

But, often there is a smidgen of guilt – yes?

……….not with my very own handmade, Great Taste award-winning,

Mill Street Chocolate!

Made from nutrient-rich ‘Raw’ cacao and Organic 100% natural ingredients, my rich, silky smooth (stoneground) chocolate is the answer to your chocolate dreams…………..

Made from ‘Raw’ (Un-roasted) cacao – ensuring my chocolate retains the cacao bean’s rich natural supply of antioxidant flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients to support your body.

Fairtrade Cacao – ensuring a fair price for farmers.

My own ‘Bean to Bar’ chocolate – I make all the chocolate in my home kitchen in micro-batches, using only the finest quality Organic Un-roasted Cacao Nibs, Mass, Butter, Coconut Sugar and Vanilla.

Coconut Sugar – made from the sap of the coconut palm tree, this delicious organic sugar is rich in minerals with a lower GI than cane sugar, providing a more stable form of sweetness for the body.

To find out more, and to buy some of this amazing chocolate, go to my designated chocolate website:

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