Therapeutic Massage

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I have been working as a Massage Therapist since 1997.

The massage I practise is a prescription treatment, so each session is specially tailored to meet your individual requirements. There are different styles for you to choose from, depending on how you would like to feel at the end – Energising, Nourishing, Releasing, Connecting, Replenishing. You also choose whether your massage is slow and relaxing, fast and energising, deep and releasing, gentle and restorative – or somewhere in between.

I work using primarily my forearms, so the massage feels soft at all times. However, this means I can work more deeply than with regular ‘hands’ massage as I can transfer more weight through my arms than would be possible through the hands.

Gradually during the treatment, your whole body is gently encouraged to release and relax on all levels –

 Physical, Energetic, Emotional,

Mental, Spiritual

Why not try it and see for yourself!

Treatment Times and Costs:

£55 for 1.5 hours               £45 for 1 hour

Special Introductory Offer (for locals to Wells only):

£45 for your first 1.5 hour session

email for more info:

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