Happy New Year! What did you miss most over the festive period?

The long break over xmas/new year is great – a time to totally switch off, what could be more healing?

This year found me away from work and home, catching up with family, eating delicious festive food, drinking mulled wine (a particular favourite of mine!), reconnecting with the child within as I joined in games at family parties….and so on.

I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  However, am I alone in thinking that by the end it’s really rather lovely to get back to the familiar old routine?

I derive great comfort from the day to day ‘timetable’ I set myself.  It reminds me who I am, and I find it nourishing and nurturing to mind, body and spirit.  It creates that true feeling of ‘coming home’, both physically and spiritually.

Of particular importance to me is my ‘daily practice’ – a combination of meditation, chanting and yoga, completed before breakfast and after which the ‘day proper’ commences.  Whatever my day throws at me, I feel well prepared to handle it as long as I have set myself up with this triangle of grounding practices.

Yesterday, I was chatting to someone about finding time for meditation – how to fit it in to an already busy day.  I explained what I do is consider that my meditation is not actually a part of the day – it happens before the day starts.  This way, I don’t feel I am squeezing it in to my day.  Equally, there is no sense whilst sitting that I should be doing something elseIt takes place out of time, as it were.

Another reason my body feels a certain relief to be back to the familiar, is a return to more regular sleep patterns.  Holiday times tend to find me late to bed, late to rise – making me neither healthy, nor the other things we won’t even mention.

Bodies like to know where they stand.  They understand rhythms, cycles and thrive best with regular patterns.  I can’t say I always stick to the rule of 8 hours a night sleep, plus rising and retiring at the same time each night, but I do my best.  I almost have a sense that my body has missed the early mornings most of all.  It seems to thrive on being up before everybody else in Wells!

Furthermore, it goes without saying that I missed all my lovely clients, my chocolate-making, my walks and bike rides in the beautiful Somerset countryside, my weekly choir rehearsals, my friends and many other things.  However, in answer to the question I set in the title, the 2 things I missed the most were my good old meditation cushion and my trusty yoga mat.  All seems well in the world when I make time for these in my life.

So, here I am in 2019, wondering what the year holds for us all.  It will be an interesting year, that’s for sure!   Whatever happens in it, I wish you all a happy, healthy year ahead with much sunshine and joy-filled days.

Until the next time

Steph x




One thought on “Happy New Year! What did you miss most over the festive period?”

  1. Christmas was quiet until the grandchildren arrived. Exhausting but bringing a new and fresh perspective on life. And they are pleased to see you too! I am trying hard to understand energy and the essence of people so that I can use it for healing. I wish I had your focus for meditation. It would help and I will try this year. As for yoga, I need a course of No Knees Yoga. It was lovely to get back to massaging. Soon it will be sunshine and playing my favourite sports (tennis and golf). You seem to be contributing strongly to the good of the world. Well done and keep it up.


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