How to Choose the Right Therapist – and What to Expect When you Come to Me for A Massage

What a daunting task it can be choosing a therapist.  How to start?  How to navigate your way through the sea of therapists out there to find the ‘right one’?

To begin with, it can be helpful to give yourself a period of trying out.  Don’t rush this process.  Take your time to find someone you have a connection with, someone that has an approach that resonates with you.

Bear in mind that it’s usually best to have a few sessions with a therapist to give you a chance to really know if it’s right for you.

I always say that the first massage with me is rather like ‘shaking hands’……………..

Your body is unfamiliar with the new surroundings and ways of working.  By the second time you visit, your body and mind will relax far more quickly and deeply, knowing what to expect.  With each progressive session, your body learns and can release a little bit more – and at the same time, I will be learning more about how your body responds to the treatment, adapting the session accordingly.

The only way to truly find out how I work is to bite the bullet and come for a session.  However, I have tried to paint a picture with the following points:

  • To facilitate your feelings of comfort and nurture, I work from home so can guarantee you a warm, cosy and friendly environment with essential oils diffusing into the air to enhance the experience.
  • An Epsom Salts foot bath will be waiting for you on arrival, to enjoy whilst we briefly discuss your session.
  • I warm both the massage couch and the massage oil, and begin each session using a heated wheat bag – all contributing to deep relaxation of mind, body and spirit
  • Your massage is your time to release, relax and focus on gaining what you need from your time with me. Chat only inhibits this important process, so I advise against it when you are on the couch.
  • Lastly, I offer bespoke massage, not working to a generic ‘pattern’ regardless of your body’s needs, as massage therapists with limited experience do. Between us, we discuss and decide what each session will comprise, depending what you need on any given day.

You can find out more by going to the ‘Massage’ page on this site.

My approach will not be right for all, but I believe there is a therapist out there to suit everyone.

Most of all, it’s important that you enjoy the journey of finding who is right for you, and know that nothing is wasted – every treatment you receive, whoever it is from, will form part of your healing journey.

To encourage you to try out my way of working, I offer an ‘Introductory Offer’ price for the first session, to all those local to Wells.  (£45 for a 1.5 hrs, usual price £55).

Just drop me an email if you fancy taking advantage of this offer. (

With love

Steph x

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