The Healing Power of Sound

Merging with Nature on Cley Hill

The recent spate of beautiful Spring-like weather has seen me out and about in the local countryside, soaking up the blue sky and absorbing the rich tapestry of healing nature sounds deep into my being.

Whether it be wind in the treetops above my head, sheep calling in the distance, the crunching of leaves and twigs under my walking boots or the trill of birdsong, I find the tones of nature to be deeply healing to the soul.

In fact, this week, nature’s healing vibrations have extended right into my treatment room, as clients around 5pm have experienced an amazing ‘live performance’ by a local blackbird outside the window.  One day it went on for a full half hour, and my heart unfurled as it absorbed the beauty of the song.

Whilst on the subject of nature sounds, I must share with you a gem of a programme I watched recently.  I don’t have a TV but recently at mum’s I watched ‘Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees’.  ( ) It was delightful and included a section where national treasure, Dame Judi, was shown how to use a special device to listen to a tree drawing water up from its roots to the leaves – a ‘popping’ sound apparently.  How magical to open an auditory window into the secret world of trees!

I have been working with sound as a therapeutic medium for over 10 years now and my awareness/perception of sound has altered considerably over that time. On the one hand this can be wonderful, as I feel the effect different sounds have on the layers of my being: first reaching my physical body, then weaving their way through my mind and emotions.

At other times it can be frustrating, most often when I can hear niggling sounds that others are unaware of.  A friend of mine teases me, saying ‘Don’t start that again, hearing sounds that no-one else can hear!”  He remembers two occasions:

Me: “What’s that jingling noise?”

N: “What noise?  I can’t hear anything”

…… his car keys were gently touching each other as we drove along

Me: “What’s that hissing noise?”

N: “What noise? I don’t hear hissing”

(you see the theme developing here!)

……. his inflatable meditation cushion had a tiny leak

At the extreme end of the scale, my sound sensitivity can be painful and send me running from a room.  Crystal bowls (which I never use), except when played with great care, have the worst effect with their single, piercing, harmonic-free tone.  I am not alone in this –

A fellow sound therapist told me she once physically threw up after a particularly intense crystal bowl session led by another practitioner!

At a nearby shop, tourists relish testing out the biggest crystal bowl, with the sole aim to play it as loudly as possible.  It should be policed IMO – noise pollution at dangerous levels!  I have had to exit the shop at the speed of a bullet on more than one occasion!

Needless to say, in my Sound Therapy sessions (whether 1-to-1 or groups) I remain alert to the powerful effect sound can have on an individual.  I play my instruments sensitively, with care, and remain conscious of the changing energy in the room.  Each session is different, and everyone’s experience varies from one occasion to the next.

I will be restarting my monthly Sound Baths after Easter, with the first one Thursday 25th April 7-815pm (£15 per person).  Numbers are limited to 6 and usually sell out fast.  Do get in touch if you fancy exploring this fascinating and powerful method for deep relaxation and healing.

With love


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